18 Apr 2012

EVA GRLIĆ "Memories" Chapter I

Originally commissioned MEMORIES were performative installation first time presented at the Gorgona Hall / Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb, under the hub of 'European remembrance / MNEMOSYNE – Theater of Memories project organized by Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research. Performance involved live impro music session by Manja Ristić,violin, Ivana Grahovac, cello, Ivan Kadelburg, electronics and Zvonimir Marčić, live video. 2 years after I decided to produce dedicated audio installation using voice recordings of MEMORIES Chapter I excerpts, in order to preserve a glimpse of this remarkable autobiography in new media format so I can bring it closer to a younger audience.

Author of the text: Eva Grlić
Author of the installation: Manja Ristić
Author of the project Mnemosyne – Theater of Memories: Sonja Leboš
Performing, composition and editing: Manja Ristić
Contributing artists: Rastko Lazić, Milana Zarić, Gerard Herman, Giovanni di Domenico, Mathieu Calleja, Pak Yan Lau, Brane Zorman, RainDancerZ and various field recordings.
Voice recording: Ivan Kadelburg