1 Dec 2015

The Rebirth of Ahuizotl //

The Rebirth of Ahuizotl is conceptual field recording composition set as a triptych with layered sound narrative built around dualism interior / exterior and machine / living creature; transcending the possibility for a listener to perceive these dualism coalesce and produce the space in between – reality and fantasy, dead or living...

locations where recorded // Avala – Zuce, village near Belgrade, Vrnik, tiny island in Korčula’s archipelago in South Adriatic, Jungle near Shelter Bay in Panama //
gear used //
1. ZOOM H1
2. ZOOM H1
3. TASCAM DR – 100

// narrative 
The joint element of overall sound narrative is water, the body of water, the movement of water, the invisible spirits of waters...
First part of the triptych is introducing a broken water pump placed in the basement of a cottage house, behaving almost as an ambushed creature, surrounded by dogs it becomes one it self...
Second part drifts in to a dream like soundscape of a tiny island, where water is moving freely, and conjoined sound of crickets and a motor boat build surreal atmosphere narrowing the perception of time...
...further slipping in to a fantasy – the myth of Ahuizotl, a dog–like aquatic forest creature living deep in the jungle, submerged in dense forest hum and surrounded with diversified insect and bird choirs, finally showing us its spiritual heart – a jungle waterfall... watering the Earth and all living far from any possibility of technological human intervention...

// additional
Sections 1 & 2 are recorded by the author
Section 3 is recorded by Maja Đorđević & Dušan Lazarević

// 2015