13 Jan 2016

Tale of the Mirzana

Tale of the Mirzana is an improv fairytale inspired by a Kazakhstan folk story. It is played without any pre-conception or clear musical form. 4 woman and a fireplace, instruments and house objects. Maja, Ivana, Katarina and Manja are diving in to the unusual noise and rhythm textures, improv virtuosity, jazzy solos and tribal grooves.

One day the Snake of the Lake grabs Mirzana, a beautiful village girl, and takes her in the lake's depths. But when underwater Snake turns in to a prince in which Mirzana falls in love with and marries him. But up there on the shore, although finding out Mirzana is happy, Mirzana's mother longs for her daughter and constantly dreams about her coming back. One day Mirzana visits her mother, and mother sees the opportunity. While Mirzana is a sleep mother kills the snake, leaving her daughter a widow.

released January 11, 2016

Maja Radovanlija, guitar, sound objects
Katarina Vukadinović, voice, sound objects
Ivana Grahovac, cello, sound objects
Manja Ristić, violin, sound objects, editing

Cover art by Ola Volo ((( olavolo.com )))

Recorder at Avala Sound studio
January 2nd, 2016