12 Feb 2016

Digital Release // Live at PAROBROD

Improv performance at Cultural Center Parobrod in Belgrade on January 29th 2016 // 

Manja Ristić & Marina Džukljev are returning to the space where Secret Conversations came to life in late November 2015, further investigating their capacity to make correlation triangle space - audience - performers with simple acoustic set up and a glimpse of conceptual (( bio-political )) reference - using hectic sounds of a pencil on paper as well prolonged silence at the very end of the concert. 

This is by now the most lyrical performance of the two performers that recognized them self as an organic textural experimentators. Unlike usual sustained carefully heard frequency manipulation duo is reaching for an open emotion as they are remembering the past times, evoking forgotten. 

Careful and actively listening audience give special substance to this recording. 

Special thanks to Cultural Center Parobrod, Ivan Kadelburg and Dušan Lazarević
Released February 7, 2016 

Manja Ristić, violin, segment of conceptual performance, editing 
Marina Džukljev, prepared piano, sound objects 
Ivan Kadelbrug, sound engineer 
Dušan Lazarević, video & photo archive