8 Apr 2016

Byford's Forest //

Byford's Forest is non cultivated green area settled in heavily urbanized area of Belgrade, between Auto Komanda, Voždovac and Banjica. It is a habitat of rare birds as well as trees of particular origin. In 2015 is declared a "monument of nature" and protected by the Belgrade City Council. At the same time it was renamed from "Banjička šuma" to "Bajfordova šuma", since during the late 80's Timothy John Byford campaigned for it to have special protection because of the large number of nightingales and other species of birds that nest in it.

Timothy John Byford (1941 – 2014) was an author, film director, translator, and educator. Byford was born in England, but spent most of his life in Belgrade. He directed children's television programmes, first in the UK for the BBC, and later in Yugoslavia, for TV Belgrade and TV Sarajevo. His children's TV series enjoyed great success in former Yugoslavia (Neven, Poletarac, Babino unuče, Nedeljni zabavnik, Tragom ptice Dodo - to name a few).

Flora&Fauna in Byford's Forest is soaked in dense noise of traffic from Boulevard passing right next to it. Awareness of the noise pollution and influence on the natural habitats in Belgrade is far bellow acceptable. We believe this forest deserves more attention regarding the issue of noise pollution!