30 Apr 2016

Radio Divljan // Moj grad

Moj grad ~ (My city) is part of the Radio Divljan series, experimental sound art inspired by and dedicated to Vladimir Divljan (( 1958 - 2015 )) Yugoslavian New wave icon.

Material used // terrace on the 10th floor ~ building in Voždovac, field recording;
Moj grad ~ Vlada Divljan & The Old Stars Band, re-sampled;
Radio frequencies, recorded by Marko Paunović;
Trying to find you ~ improve segment from the Silence Fest 2015 (( Ivana Grahovac, zither, Tibetan bowls & bells; Dušan Damnjanović, percussive sound objects & snare; Manja Ristić, violin, bass guitar, sound objects ))