8 Sep 2016

Island encounters I


Manja Ristić (violin, bell, found sounds, objects) & Tatiana Heuman (drums, voice, objects) live in The City Hall Amphitheater, Old town Korčula /// special thanks to gray) (area space for contemporary & media arts, as well as KUD Moreška /// Rituals in Depolo street ~ in the Old town of Korčula Manja Ristić & Tatiana Heuman recorded site specific session at the west side of Depolo street in one of the darkest and longest mid ages passages /// improvising using chosen stones and pebbles from the island of Vrnik, found objects and built instruments they made interaction with passers and local residents, jammed along with magnificent st. Marco's Cathedral bell set and by putting the recorder in to the whole in the wall evoked strange resonances and stone harmonics ///