26 Mar 2017

Wisdom Of The Off Roads ~ Photo Scores

Photo scores series are texture-based compositions picturing investigation of aural semiotics which are interconnecting objects and the place, environment and the time-frame. Following the tiny road of Karagačka Street near Zuce village in the wider suburbs of Belgrade surrounded with forest just under the Avala mountain, the locale is focused on weekend-settlement divided with this tiny road from an old Yugoslav Army rocket base. The overall photo score series are a soundwalk building its dynamics through particular points - places where textures are captured.

Field recording in this context represents principal information in structuring imaginative space in which photo scores imprint various narratives unfolding numerous emotional and analytical possibilities set for intuitive interpretation.

Field recording is taken on the March 19th 2017 from 6 am to 7.30 am

Concept of a soundwalk built from strong audio-visual content invites for synesthetic experience in creative rethinking of this particular habitat. It is a place of tranquility swarming with narratives carefully structured from details while embracing the impression of forgotten and graciously derelict. The road it self is a small one direction car pass serving house owners, connecting this particular settlement with back side of Vrčin village. Overlapping sounds of wild and domestic fauna with the hum of near by hills and roads as well as eroded noise of distant city of Belgrade are subliminal sonic texture that evoked the idea for abstract framing of creative interrelatedness between this particular place and potential artistic experience.

The media of photo scores is evolving around intuitive approaches in interdisciplinary sound related practice dealing with the notion of active listening and its importance in development of socio-cultural perception of sound. Synesthetic correlation between aural & visual through closer proprioception of the place / photography and time / sound opens new expanse of innovation in intuitive music. The series are inspired by the concept of British composer & sound artist Jez Riley French.

photoscore no 1 ~ Pier & Crack

photoscore no 2 ~ Fe2O3 Of The Last Hug

photoscore no 3 ~ The Rift

photoscore no 4 ~ Noise Wall

photoscore no 5 ~ The Book of Lost

photoscore no 6 ~ The Wall of Deafness

photoscore no 7 ~ Mutual-Fading

photoscore no 8 ~ Without Closure

photoscore no 9 ~ Resonance-Direction I 

photoscore no 10 ~ Resonance-Direction II 

photoscore no 11 ~ Second Skin

photoscore no 12 ~ The Book of Danger

photoscore no 13 ~ The Place of Rest

photoscore no 14 ~ Revolutionary Sequence

If you are interested in interpreting any of above scores please do contact me at culturalgerila@gmail.com