2 Aug 2017

The Twins. The Crevice

p h o t o   s c o r e s

The scores are made of two images taken at Lenga, the far end of Korčula island in South Adriatic.
They are gently processed almost in to a digital graphics to highlight the idea of imaginative listening composed by visual impressions. The practice behind photo scores is the research of synesthetic perception, the inter-flow between senses within the process of ideasthesia.

The field recording taken at the spot is conceptualized as "sounding" the inner space of the rocks far from the human settlement. The recorder was put in to the deep crevice, and audio file was later enriched with gentle crackling sounds taken out from the original data. It can be used as a sonic frame for further compositional processes.

photo score ~ The Twins

photo score ~ Slow Dance