8 Apr 2018

collection of scores

In March 2018 I presented an exhibition of graphic, photo and object-scores under the title "Treperenja". The concept involves interdisciplinary research of multi-modal perception and synesthesia, in observing “the body of memory through the body of sound”.

I invited improvisers and artists from around Europe to interpret the scores and be presented to general public in Belgrade during the exhibition hosted by Independent Cultural Centre "Kvaka 22".

For this occasion I also wrote a book under the same title (Treperenja), which examines morphology of sound, and refers to its concrete impact through emotional experiences revealed as an energy transpositions in building memory fractals through everyday situations.

Released March 30, 2018

Scores by Manja Ristić // Score interpretations by Pak Yan Lau, Manja Ristić, Giovanni di Domenico, Rastko Lazić and Vasa Vučković