18 May 2018

Dead in April

s o u n d   p o e t r y

Experimental collection of poetry, photography & improvisational music, inspired by an old abandoned piano frame, found in Kvaka 22 (Youth Cultural Space established in squatted building in Ruzveltova Street that previously served as a music workshop for numerous Army bands & orchestras in Ex Yugoslavia). In March 2018 during my exhibition of graphic & photo scores I spent some time in Kvaka 22 gallery playing on this magnificent piano frame.

Art book is done by talented young Slovenian artist Urša Rahne. Urša's work has deep relation with aural poetry, and she is stretching her fields of interests from docu & artistic photography to
experimental movie making & video art. Concepts of music & poetry in her visual narratives are reflecting strong emotional experience while building intense & eclectic compositions, in which spatial dimension is perceived as super-organism generated from plasticity of nature & architecture. Sound art is integral element of her language. Urša is currently studying movie direction at one of the Belgrade's Film Academies.