19 Jul 2021

That which eyes cannot see: Symbolism in conceptual listening


20 Seconds Magazine ISSUE 3 came out on July 5th, 2021, with contributions by Abdullah Miniawy, Aldo Tambellini, Alma Đelić, Atelier Impopulaire, Authored Landscapes, Cedrik Fermont, Khyam Allami, Manja Ristić, Vasilis Botoulas, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Temps Zero.

my essay ~ That which eyes cannot see: Symbolism in conceptual listening ~ puts the postures of listening in an anthropological evolutionary context, and in relation to symbolism and the notion of collective memory. the essay is embodied by collaborative series of sounds for drawings "Searching for the Cohenian Crack", which I am developing with Vasilis Botoulas.
order online at 20Secondsmag.com⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
152 pages, Perfect bound, Softcover

24 Apr 2021

kairos & the dwellers [forms of minutiae]


for their second release, the Berlin-based label forms of minutiae present "kairos & the dwellers", a dronesque and hydrophonic electroacoustic album by field recordist and sound artist Manja Ristić. 

album's major reviews and coverage:

Daily Bandcamp, interview by Andra Nikolayi
A Closer Listen, review by Richard Allen
The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music, review by Julian Cowley
Fluid Radio, interview by Gianmarco Del Re
RTS Radio Belgrade 3, review by Ksenija Stevanović

The LP is made of five tracks through which she approaches the Adriatic wilderness by deploying her tools and processes for attentive listening in pursuit of sparking sensory dialogues with the surrounding biomes.

the release (vinyl & digital) you can listen & order as well as read about the project on publisher's Bandcamp: f-o-m.bandcamp.com/album/kairos-the-dwellers

8 Apr 2021

Drugstore Club / Mutant Radio take over / mixtape by Manja R

Patient Love / collaboration with Lazar Aleksandar


Released April 2nd, 2021

The work Patient Love is a live-set recording conceptualized for To Be Continued 2021 Music Marathon, an original concert lasting 24 hours, during which Stazione di Topolo is broadcasting live sets from many countries worldwide. The initiative is under the aegis of the Global Health Incubator, established in July 2009 in Topolò by Dr. Mario Raviglione, today professor in Global Health at the University of Milan, to create links between the world of creativity and that of science.

Lifting this work further, I invited multi-talented artist Aleksandar Lazar to contemplate ambient visuals for the sonic scaffolding of the Patient Love, as we already did together several times in the past through concert performances; employing intuitive composing, improvisation, live cinema, and inexhaustible source of audio-visual magic – a cymatic sand plate.

Furthermore, in the days that followed, I landed on a few hydrophone recordings that inspired me deeply to contemplate the intensity of our inner dynamics in times of pandemic despair and uncertainty, conceptualizing the work Water.

Since the date of the release is Autism Acceptance Day, I dedicate this work to my son Luka.

25 Mar 2021

Framework Radio #752

our springtime edition present Manja Ristić, Pierrot Desperes, Beatriz Ferreyra, Natasha Barrett, Dave Phillips, Cain Blanchard, and recent uploads to the aporee maps. almost everything in this edition has been self-released on Bandcamp (apart from the one split LP, which is also available for listening digitally on Bandcamp).

for full program notes see: https://frameworkradio.net/2021/04/752-2021-04-11/

24 Mar 2021

Searching for the Cohenian Crack [Manja Ristić & Vasilis Bόtoulas]

The growing body of work is a collaboration with Vasilis Bόtoulas, a linesmith, dotsmith, repetitionist from Greece, whose work is a radiant example of transcending the visual perception into a multisensory experience. In this series that involves “sounds for drawings”, we are producing joint compositions that reflect social trauma as well as a trauma of the landscape, specifically one that occurred during the wildfires in the Attica region of Greece in 2018. The direful event escalated into an unprecedented loss of human life and an environmental devastation that has changed both the natural and urban landscape forever.

With the means of experimental sound art, soundscape composition, raw field recording, conceptual and minimalistic drawing, we are sculpting out of our memories, looking for the tactile edges of the past's phantasmagoria, searching for that fine Cohenian crack.

22 Feb 2021

Femkanje ¬ Spaces of Togetherness

28.01 – 04.03.2021.
curated by Femkanje collective


This invitation to exhibit and the current situation of the pandemic, allowed us to work on a new archive – reaching out to all former guests to contribute from their homes. The sound database presents a special collection of sound documents from the field of contemporary art and culture, primarily Serbian artists, former guests of Femkanje, artists from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Europe, and beyond. The archive consists of sound works, compositions, sounds from works (videos, performances, installations), as well as audio recordings of plays, readings of dramatic texts and other materials, sound messages of various contents, and field recordings. 

28 Jan 2021

Requiem for the undersea

Review by Nina Čalopek on kulturpunkt.hr >>> here <<< 

Requiem for the undersea is a collection of works based on noise pollution observed at the heart of Korčula town in South Adriatic. Hydrophone recording sites are urban reconstruction sites, that comprehend undersea digging with heavy machinery, such as reconstruction of the West port as well as ACI marina docks. The recording of a forklift scrapping the sea bed, recording of a large pneumatic drill, the sound of pouring a large amount of concrete into the sea bed – are foundations of electro-acoustic constructs, which are further de-contextualized with musical appropriations of several objects treated as instruments: metal laundry dryer, cardboard tube, AM radio signals, electromagnetic waves from electrical outlets, etc. With additional field and hydrophone recordings from the sites: island of Vrnik, Ražnjić Lighthouse, Lenga open quarry, St. Nikola’s Monastery, as well as improvisational sequences on cello – the intention to capture the moments of anthropogenic impact evolves into anxious necrologies for the undersea. 

17 Jan 2021

Framework Radio #740


Sounds in this edition from both new discoveries (Hayley Suviste & Lewis Ashton) and old favorites (Manja Ristić & Francisco Meirino), along with sounds from the aporee maps from the US, Austria, Portugal, Spain, and Greece, and a Framework introduction recorded for us by regular contributor Barry Cullen. 

for full program notes see: https://frameworkradio.net/2021/01/740-2021-01-17/

5 Dec 2020

Do Not Go Gentle

>>> 20 pieces 20 seconds long <<< 

[...] as a starting point, I decomposed the poem by Dylan Thomas "Do not go gentle into that good night" using his own voice as a unique sonic imprint / verses are scattered to reflect the chaotic or rather syncopated apprehension of reality / verses are also moved away from each other with compositions in between as a metaphor of days that stand between impulses, realization, and integration of an experience as such / on the far end, I am yearning for a dramaturgical balance in the poetry fragments from the Bell Jar by beloved Sylvia Plath / the final poetical narrative is in my mother tongue and speaks about the struggle of a woman in an oppressive and discriminatory society.

1 Dec 2020

Starfish & the sonic tonalities

The storytelling starts with an old vinyl crackling of the Wind Quintet by Ljubica Marić, and develops into anthropogenic anarchy of below and above Adriatic sea noise pollution. Many of the hydrophone sounds should be credited to shrimps, crabs, and fish from the Korčula archipelago. 

The fabulous cover is made by Vukadinn Filipović, it is a portrait of Janja Bilbija.

The last track is the filed recording of a small rock barrier at the St. Nikola's Monastery, which is situated at the edge of the Korčula town. The Monastery was built around 1505, with additional buildings added in the reconstruction effort in 1665. Monastery has one of the oldest libraries in Europe.

24 Nov 2020

Inferno ~ Cities and Memory

To mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy, more than 80 artists from all over the world have created his vision of Hell through sound – this is the Cities and Memory Inferno.

Facing the architecture of darkness, I chose the realm of Phlegethon, or did it chose me? The Phlegethon is the boiling river of blood that comprised the first part of the Seventh Circle of Hell.

“Within this river are those tyrants so aptly punished in a boiling blood.” — Virgil.

Composition Souls on Fire is conceptualized around the realm of darkness deeply seeded in the human soul, which reflects in extreme actions such as murder, tyranny, and violence, and fuels the deepest fears we struggle to comprehend or even only to look at.

19 Nov 2020

Sonic Ontology of Negligence

7 Nov 2020 – 8 Jan 2021
FM exhibition
exhibition of 8-channel sound installation
in-situ FM walks


7 Nov 2020 at 12.00 (noon) on FM 88.8 MHz – in-situ FM walk (at Park Tivoli)
10 Nov 2020 at 18.00 p.m. on FM 88.8 MHz – in-situ FM walk (at Park Tivoli)
18 Nov 2020 at 20.00 p.m. on program Ars – radio exhibition opening
Production Zavod Cona, Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

About conceptualization of work pdf notebook Sonic Ontology of Negligence

Review ~ Radio Student