26 Sep 2018

Framework Seasonal #10

Seasonal issue by Framework Radio - platform dedicted to field recording and sound art, with compositions by Manja Ristić, Julie Rousse and Alan Courtis!

Inner Island Vrnik 0.1

INNER island is a small series of events dedicated to improvised and experimental sound arts situated on the tiny island of Vrnik in South Adriatic, and initiated by Manja Ristić. Edition 0.1 was an ambient improve session with electronic music composer and improviser Rastko Lazić. 
Duo played on built instruments, violin, gongs, acoustic guitar and Casio sequencer along with an island ambient wrapped in sounds of crickets, waves, wind, boats, children playing, dogs barking...

The struggle of man

4 track compilation started with the tiny revelation, a sudden comprehension of the bio-acoustics and their poetics in the artificially produced aquatic micro space. Intuitive decision not to throw away broken glass object (and leave it exposed to the sea winds and rain on my balcony in the Korčula’s old town during the last winter season), happened to produce a miniature pond. And I became aware of its richness the moment I put JrF hydrophone in it one idle morning discovering magnificent eco acoustics of a world within the world.

Sound of the Mediterranean forest filled with haunting drone of a long pipes holding the giant mobile transmitter, sounds of under and above sea pollution produced, sounds of unexpectedly caught tiny animals, crustaceans, insects, sounds of birds and crickets, sounds of electrical signals in many forms are the “sonic matter” of this ambient journey.

18 May 2018

Flickerings / Treperenja sold out

s o u n d   t h e o r y

Dead in April

s o u n d   p o e t r y

Experimental collection of poetry, photography & improvisational music, inspired by an old abandoned piano frame, found in Kvaka 22 (Youth Cultural Space established in squatted building in Ruzveltova Street that previously served as a music workshop for numerous Army bands & orchestras in Ex Yugoslavia). In March 2018 during my exhibition of graphic & photo scores I spent some time in Kvaka 22 gallery playing on this magnificent piano frame.

Art book is done by talented young Slovenian artist Urša Rahne. Urša's work has deep relation with aural poetry, and she is stretching her fields of interests from docu & artistic photography to
experimental movie making & video art. Concepts of music & poetry in her visual narratives are reflecting strong emotional experience while building intense & eclectic compositions, in which spatial dimension is perceived as super-organism generated from plasticity of nature & architecture. Sound art is integral element of her language. Urša is currently studying movie direction at one of the Belgrade's Film Academies.

5 May 2018

Further East

Seemingly unusual collaboration between Bulgarian ambient artist and guitar wizard Mirian Kolev and Serbian sound artist and improve violinist Manja Ristić rounded up in a strong, emotionally dense and artistically refined album. Meltdown of electro-acoustic sound is built with superfine textures, hidden pulsations, space-wrapping guitar ambient and lyrical violin solos – all together creating 6 balanced tracks unwinding explicit but very intimate storytelling.

Two artists never met and never collaborated before, but the way their musical worlds overlapped producing such organic and sincere outcome speaks about their ability to connect through subtle layers of perception. Overall album is filled with the notion of nostalgia, sometimes leaning more toward darker tones, sometimes reaching out toward almost infantile blissfulness. Ristić is once more opening out her arsenal of field recordings as well as site-specific sound interventions, instrumental experimentations and subtle electro-acoustics, while Kolev is firmly holding the overall sound in potent and carefully designed guitar ambient.

Further East is the story about connecting, sound journey over the magical Balkans described in a quite different manner, emerged from its heartland and by its own “children”.
This is only the beginning of Manja’s and Mirian’s wonderful musical voyage.

29 Apr 2018

The Nightfall

Digital, streaming and limited edition cassettes, the album is released by London based label Naviar Records. The Nightfall is a collection of four composition, each one inspired by a seasonal haiku. By combining abstract electronics, haunting soundscapes and field recordings textures, Manja recreates the evocative atmosphere of haiku without using words: just like Kigo in haiku poetry, sounds can evoke memories, images, and associations. The tracks in The Nightfall are moments frozen in time that can be perceived rather than seen, allowing the mind of the listeners to reinterpret in their own way these four deeply moving soundscapes. More about the album read at Naviar's ~

20 Apr 2018

Poetronica Festival / Collaboration with Bernhard Living

During April I made peculiar collaboration with Bernhard Living, British composer, professor of new media and performer with outstanding biography. He gave performance in Moscow at Poetronica -  Festival of electronic music & poetry, with my pre-recorded violin sounds.

Processed violin sounds are building meditative atmosphere inviting us for deep listening experience. Suggested by "sonic breathing", drone-like fluctuations and spatial extensions overall minimal sound movement is alluding on altered state of consciousness and transcends the alteration of space-time perception. Organic sound of the instrument is wrapped in firm digital net developing dense, almost material sonic body.