23 Apr 2019

Alice & the smoke castles of Paris

Collection of sound art put together in remembrance of Alisa Simonović, forgotten Serbian painter. 
By this day there is no official record of her work, and her paintings might be dispersed between Belgrade, Paris and somewhere in Germany where there was the last collectors’ interest. She predominately produced oil on canvas. Her creative force left strong echoes in her family, but her sudden death produced a loudness of grief among those who loved her. She was a party girl. A burning heart of Paris nightlife and a wild daughter. But gentle and inspiring sister and aunt.

This 30 min sound tribute grew from micro narratives recorded on an old piano she liked to play in her family house. The piano is pre WWII dated up right with fine woodwork and rather preserved mechanism. The pedal is broken.

Approach to sound on the tracks transcends micro tonalities of intuitive composing which emerges from careful placement of field recordings and spontaneous site specific interventions or unresolved movements. Those spatial textures are further translated into ambient orchestration, revealing the power and fragility of particular moment – a memory of multilayered reality embedded in both social and natural environment. Material is purposely left uncompressed in order to preserve as much as possible of the original frequencies with its raw sonic geometry, therefore headphones or sensitive wide range PA is recommended for the accurate listening experience.

In Belgrade April 2019.

21 Mar 2019

Čovek bez jezika

Bioskop Balkan, 30-03-2019
Performance Festival "Inner Voices"

Manja Ristić & NIN award winning author Dejan Atanacković made extraordinary collaboration on sounding the Atanacković's short stories from the latest collection "Čovek bez jezika".

14 Mar 2019

Compilation ~ Children of the island

Collection of works 2016-2019 composed with and inspired by the sonic simulacrum of the island of Korčula. https://korculasoundmap.blogspot.com/

track list:

Telo 3 (2019)
Moongazing (2017)
Voice Engine (2018)
Sea waves, dog sniffing, radio frequencies (2017)
Miniature For A Log Stranded On The Beach, Abandoned Quarry & Mobile Communications Transmitter (2016)
Angry Religious Letters (2017)
Summer (2018)
Miniature For Music Box at Plokata, Pinecone Rolling In A Baking Pot, Cymbals, Can Rubbed On A Wooden Plate, Kid Calling For Mamma, Traffic, Playground & Empty Room With The Fly (2016)
The Capsule (2018)
The Walk (2018)
Miniature For The Sunday Afternoon In Depolo Street (2016)

5 Mar 2019

Live from the Bulgarian National Radio

////////////////////// Manja & Mirian live at BNR //////////////////////////

Last day of February, within the framework of Alarm Punk Jazz Festival in Sofia, duo Manja Ristić / E.U.E.R.P.I. (Serbia, Bulgaria) met for the first time giving concert in the Studio 2 of BNR.
The two interdisciplinary artists and composers have one joint album - Further East, created remotely in Spring 2018.

16 Jan 2019

Framework #667

[time / artist / track / release / label]

00:00 – 04:17 / martin clarke / framework introduction, recorded in india
01:34 – 15:27 / yannick dauby / glasshouse / glass, cloud, ice / kalerne editions
07:30 – 13:30 / vincent duseigne / underground mine / andenne, be / aporee soundmaps
08:50 – 21:30 / manja ristić / dance of the psychopomp / ateh & the astral ramblers / [self-released]
11:47 – 23:52 / howard stelzer & frans de waard / [side a] / the rebels fold scratchy, relaxed meanings into their smallest actions / park 70
15:12 – 19:38 / second harmonic generation & tribes of europe / crab marsh / – / [self-released]
18:34 – 30:48 / annika moses / [extract 1] / white gums are standing with their feet in the water /
24:32 – 34:47 / yannick dauby / cloud seeding / glass, cloud, ice / kalerne editions
28:44 – 36:31 / juan duarte / plástico / porto, pt / aporee soundmaps
34:58 – 40:59 / manja ristić / lost in gyration / ateh & the astral ramblers / [self-released]
36:35 – 51:21 / howard stelzer & frans de waard / [side b] / the rebels fold scratchy, relaxed meanings into their smallest actions / park 70
41:26 – 50:43 / annika moses / [extract 2] / white gums are standing with their feet in the water /
41:47 – 49:46 / vincenz mell / raindrops in the courtyard / innsbruck, at / aporee soundmaps
46:37 – 56:50 / manja ristić / before sunrise / ateh & the astral ramblers / [self-released]
48:37 – 59:00 / yannick dauby / drumlin field / glass, cloud, ice / kalerne editions
55:49 – 59:00 / rizzi / popping mud / emmelsbüll-horsbüll, de / aporee soundmaps

17 Dec 2018

Treperenja, video archive & interview

An overview of The Flickerings (Treperenja) micro festival, book promotion and score exhibition held in Alternative Arts Space  Kvaka 22, in Belgrade. 

16 Dec 2018

Year of the Dog

Selection of tracks and improv moments from 2018.
Contributing artists Ivana Grahovac, Mirian Kolev, Toru Takemitsu, Tenali Hrenak.
track list >>>
The Summer (The Nightfall, Naviar Records)
Violin & Cello, session at the Kvaka 22 (Archive)
Shallow bells (Ateh & the astral ramblers)
Dark night (Fairy & the river teeth, Sonospace)
Cold air (Dead in April)
Chanting and children in Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Cities&Memories)
Autumn (The Nightfall, Naviar Records)
Memories of the gravel (Further East)
The Word (Dead in April)
Before sunrise (Ateh & the astral ramblers)
The Fort (The Struggle of Man)

Ateh & the astral ramblers

Emerging from the simple actions or positions, those sounds evolved within the textural environment producing own sonic simulacrum, and were further articulated by almost organic structures defined by closer listening. The sound itself, being field recordings, hydrophone recordings, electricity and instruments (bass guitar, violin, objects, AM frequencies...) carry potent imprints of the places or situations in which they occur. Those sonic memories are creators of the new reality, and are calling to an intimate journey across the vast dreamscapes of subconsciousness. 

Track no 5, Marica's Dream is dedicated to Marica Radojčić (1943-2018) pioneer of Serbian multimedia arts. The miniature is made out of the single contact mic electricity recording, inspired by Marica's fascination with Nikola Tesla, resonance and branching phenomenons.

Please use headphones and listen on low volume.
Released December 11, 2018

7 Dec 2018

7 Tales, Korčula Sound Map

Edition 2018 of the first Korčula island sound map is rather personal story. From over hundred hours of field recordings I chose 55 "space-time windows" curated in to 7 sound tales.
From art to conservation, my work around this map will last for years and will always be labeled as a cultural and environmental activism. The first series are already on the road, under the title Crni otok / The Black Isle, and are shaped through performance art, sound art, installation, digital & interactive art, visual & inter-media arts.

Enjoy scrolling through the island's precious sounds!