30 Apr 2017

Kenji(n)grad Photo Series

Photo series was a social media exhibition. It took place as a daily photo diary between the end of November 2016 and the end of January 2017.
Micro concept evolved from the critical and rebellious core of an expression invented by Miomir Grujić - Fleka (1954 - 2003) the painter, radiophonic legend and intermedia artist, the spirit of new Belgrade scene. He gave his “black heart” to all of us in his "radio-nightmare" Šišmiš on the B92 frequencies during the most morbid times that Belgrade as cultural nucleus of dead Republic of Yugoslavia was going through in the mid 90s.

His expression Kenjigrad (expression later evolving in the urban movie Zombie Town) was there to provoke and dig out sleepy, or better said sedated and zombified youth, living in the city metaphorically submersed in “crap”, representing generation that had to put up with unwanted civil war, political ideologies and military persecutions.
It seemed to me that 20 years later we are experiencing the mirror effect of the geo-political tensions that particular social milieu is producing, through the same corruption mechanisms, relativisation of nationalism as well as open fascism and media control.

Photo series was not only a tribute to the spirit of the previous generation, but also was a daily statement of revolt against cultural zombification and political idiocracy.
Pictures are mostly taken from my home or high places where the city can be observed. They are sensitized with strong colors and contrasts, which allude on the time vacuum and complexities of changes in everyday life filtered through repercussion of contemporary “democracy”, that are certainly in disharmony with an individual time lapse and are inducing the notion of aging in the atmosphere of failed transition.

This archive is consist of both published and unpublished images.
Photos can be printed by order, in the format of a signed postcard.
All rights reserved.

Field recording

Sonic Matter updates //////// Dogs & Crickets [April 26th] /////////// Improv Gutter [April 28th]

Wires & Strings

//////////////// l i s t e n \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

April 2017 / Investigation of electrical flow, modular improve and filed recording appliances in electro-acoustic self-generative music. 

The podcast is consist of :
01 My House Has No Earthing [electric circuit improve]
02 Wisdom Of The Off Roads [field recording, excerpt]
02.02 Zither improve [re-sampled]
03 Modular Avala [room recording, excerpt from the 3h home session with Rastko Lazić, Igor Stangliczky, Marko Jevtić & Ivana Grahovac]
04 Poton & Manja [session at the KCCK April 2017]

26 Mar 2017

Wisdom Of The Off Roads ~ Photo Scores

Photo scores series are texture-based compositions picturing investigation of aural semiotics which are interconnecting objects and the place, environment and the time-frame. Following the tiny road of Karagačka Street near Zuce village in the wider suburbs of Belgrade surrounded with forest just under the Avala mountain, the locale is focused on weekend-settlement divided with this tiny road from an old Yugoslav Army rocket base. The overall photo score series are a soundwalk building its dynamics through particular points - places where textures are captured.

Field recording in this context represents principal information in structuring imaginative space in which photo scores imprint various narratives unfolding numerous emotional and analytical possibilities set for intuitive interpretation.

Field recording is taken on the March 19th 2017 from 6 am to 7.30 am

Concept of a soundwalk built from strong audio-visual content invites for synesthetic experience in creative rethinking of this particular habitat. It is a place of tranquility swarming with narratives carefully structured from details while embracing the impression of forgotten and graciously derelict. The road it self is a small one direction car pass serving house owners, connecting this particular settlement with back side of Vrčin village. Overlapping sounds of wild and domestic fauna with the hum of near by hills and roads as well as eroded noise of distant city of Belgrade are subliminal sonic texture that evoked the idea for abstract framing of creative interrelatedness between this particular place and potential artistic experience.

The media of photo scores is evolving around intuitive approaches in interdisciplinary sound related practice dealing with the notion of active listening and its importance in development of socio-cultural perception of sound. Synesthetic correlation between aural & visual through closer proprioception of the place / photography and time / sound opens new expanse of innovation in intuitive music. The series are inspired by the concept of British composer & sound artist Jez Riley French.

photoscore no 1 ~ Pier & Crack