4 Feb 2017

Landscape of Innocence

Landscape of Innocence is a Mixtape composed of my daily work in January 2017, with contributions by Ivana Grahovac (home sessions by Eruption Duo), and Tatiana Heuman (site specific performance on the island of Korčula, August 2016).

1 Lament for Vera
2 Desintegration
3 Rumble In The Helix of Death
4 Deeper Understanding ~ Marah, The Great Sea
5 Rituals in Depolo Street Remix ~ Castiel's Doubt Remix
6 Deeper Understanding ~ Down The Rabbit Hole
7 Lost In The Garden of Oblivion

January 2017

28 Jan 2017

Furcation(s) for Violin Solo [or larger string ensemble]


Sound installations based on hand-drawn graphic scores are consisting of pre-recorded instrumental sequences that are merged in multichannel compositions. As a multi-phonic installation they can be played in en empty gallery space, and since they are focused on sharpening polyphone listening the original idea supports creative inputs in spatial mapping. The compositions as well as spatial implications are referring to specific mathematical proportions developed from each score. 

Concept of building sonic environment out of equations is inspired by the study of universal cycles. 

Other way of performing the scores suggests decomposition of a graphic structure suitable for string ensemble. The ensemble can be further situated in the space mapped in correlation with the mathematical propositions. 

Mondsüchtigkeit [ Moonwalking ]

Mondsüchtigkeit [ Moonwalking ] is a 4 movement graphic score inspired by sound produced by hand-pulled tape through open tape recorder. Variability of speed and almost meditative concentration of the performer while pulling pre-recorded sound between tape recorder’s wheels greatly affects the final outcome, sound textures and dynamics. Geometry of the elements as well as number of lines in each figure is main subject of the structure analysis. Instrument(s) are directed to produce floating drone-like sound and to invent pitch changes according to the variability of geometrical perspectives.

Composition gives impression of clear space in which eclectic sound forms occur. Electronic processing of the strings is not excluded.  

24 Jan 2017

Non-existent Planetary Field

Quadrophonic installation "Non-existent Planetary Field" ///

The concept refers to a social perception of the “zone” that defines an individual choice and therefore divides an individual from collective existence – an experience in which we decide to be "separated" from each other, regardless commonly accepted paradigm of one’s continuous need of belonging.

This illusion in which the most of the contemporary social behaviorism is built upon creates parallel social realities, undermines discrimination and allows us to accept non-values, such are – the lack of compassion and the overall commercialization of culture (in which we address the social ideal instead of building mutual understanding).

Explicit situation in which we consciously decide to be passive, for example, witnessing a stranger in need of an aid and not reacting, draws us into this Non-existent field of life, where all the non-reactions are piled up into one dense pulsating drone-like sonic ambient.