23 Aug 2020

collection ~ the naked flame trembles in an empty room


gentle blend of soundscapes and poetry, sonic textures, dreamlike drones and object improvisation. in the collection - the naked flame trembles in an empty room - I am transcending the context of memory field strained within the stratum of subjective emotional growth, that tackles the question of our strengths and availabilities to comprehend the paradigm shift of a safe space, while burdened with the uncertainty of the galloping recession and menace of the pandemic, caught in the labyrinth of both intimate and collective fears.

August 2020, Korčula island.

11 Aug 2020

ArsElectronica 2020, Adriatic Garden


ArsElectronica - In Keplers Gardens - segment Adriatic >>> The program of an on-line platform in making co-curated by Robertina Šebjanič and myself, following the support by Gjino Šutić and Marko Vivoda. Made possible by: UR Institute (HR), PiNA (SI), Ars Electronica (AT). 

With the field recording collection 11 days, we are slowly unraveling the depths of beloved Adriatic complexities, through the acts of listening, compassion and responsible attitudes toward the ecological system that sustains and defines our socio-cultural as well as economic and existential development.

"Invisible chambers of the microenvironments that I am revealing in the field recording collection 11 days are a creative imprint of infrapsychic symbolism, which emerges from subtle morphologies hidden in the palimpsest of memory of the places once heavily exploited in the name of urbanisation and industrial progress, but now recovered and taken over by nature."

Released August 9th, 2020.

3 Aug 2020

succubus mnemonics ~ work in progress

the first track of the collection in making (June-July 2020) falls in place as a sequel to the release published in 2016, which holds the title incubus mnemonics. compositions are derived from field recordings treated as mnemopoetic compounds, holding unique sonic fractals defined by specific space and time, decomposed and re-imagined to build new experience mirroring fragilities of both endangered environment and our anxieties around the predominant – ruffian Anthropocene politics. the creative process comes as deeply intuitive, but also requires long-term research on the trans-disciplinary history of the locale, personal sensory development, and performative approaches in field recording and listening. this particular track holds sonic imprints of an old quarries - stone cutting and exploitation sites: Lenga and Glogovac on the island of Korčula.

3 May 2020

>> slip between them almost >>

Piece commissioned by Soundtent #Reveil2020, Acoustic Commons Project, radio event by
Cona Zavod, Ljubljana.

Fragments of the past – memories, suddenly trapped in an eclectic reality of Belgrade’s curfew, confronted with sonic imprints of the home, anxiety, and restless repetitions; as days go by with the same uncertainty amidst the macabre fluctuations in a hostile society.

Composed April, 17th - 21st, 2020.
Released April 29, 2020

29 Apr 2020

cup for my mother's tears

2 tracks developed during long days of Belgrade's curfew (April 24th -27th, 2020).

DEEP UNDER: the starting point is a hydrophone recording of Nitra river, recorded early May 2019, random fish wobbling, and river flow wrapped in the noise of the nearby traffic. the track is developed with hydrophone recordings of abandoned or artificial aquatic sites, collecting sounds of mosquito larvae, tadpoles, etc. It also includes sounds of underwater noise pollution recorded at the island of Korčula.

USPAVANKA: processed field of treetops, old boiler buzz, small stones thrown in the long hole at the abandoned mega-structure Stožice site (Ljubljana), processed bouncing of rice in the can, fragments of improv on a brass table leg, bass guitar signal, a fragment of bowing cello tailpiece.

16 Apr 2020

Research paper ~ Introduction to sound & listening as psychoenergetic agencies

Research paper on academia.edu produced as a framework for the lecture given in Steklenik gallery for sound, bio-acoustics and art, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 2020. Read >>> here <<< 

Short abstract

In this paper, which is a draft for the lecture to be given in January 2020 at “Steklenik,” gallery for sound, bio-acoustics & art, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I would like to bring fundamental traits of sound & listening in close relation with pivotal physical, physiological and psychological bodily functions. With acknowledging both psychophysical and bioenergy dynamics, my final effort is to highlight the possible role of sound & listening in better comprehension of the overall human experience: of oneself, and the all-pervading environment.

15 Apr 2020

AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine festival

Collection of works composed for AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine festival run by producer Jon Abbey.
This collection you can listen & support also on my Bandcamp page.
Cover art by Janja Bilbija.

Stories Untold

Stories Untold published on Semi Silent Podcast platform for sound art, radio art and field recording >>>>>>>>> listen

20 Mar 2020

Revenge of the Pangolin

& everything underneath them;
we absorb the wounded space
while what we thought is the world - crumbles,
and the ugly faces emerge
all at once.

released March 19, 2020

Radio Cona ~ Storyscapes SE ~ curatorial

radioCona: Storyscapes SE

FM exhibition
18. - 23. Jan. 2020
daily from on exactly the time of the night
88.8 MHz and www.radiocona.si
curator Manja Ristić

Listening to the wounded nature, listening to oneself, archiving social realities & creating new ones – with the senses awaken by sound.

radioCona:Storyscape SE as a radio open for new sound related practices (with the focus on bioacoustics & artistic interventions in field recordings) will try to answer some of the questions about mnemopoetics of the Balkans and South Eastern Europe through the selection of artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

More about the radioCona Exhibition: www.radiocona.si/radiocona-krajine-pripovedijv/

Pines & other stories

archive recordings from the Inner island site-specific series of ambient and improvisational music.

track no 1 - recorded under the old pine trees overlooking Pelješac canal in South Adriatic, few kilometers off village of Lumbarda at the site called Lenga.

the locale use to be an open quarry, where stonemasons were cutting and shaping lime rock into big blocks. Hundreds of years later the landscape is fully overtaken by Mediterranean flora & fauna, having old square cuts reshaped by the sea salt and with dense pine forest hiding old trade tracks.

track no 2 - in the stone house of Popović family (sculptor Adriana Popović, architects Nataša & Tiana Popović, painter Ljuba Popović) on the tiny island of Vrnik off the Korčula town in South Adriatic, we gathered the crowd from the house and village to give an improvisational performance.

7 Feb 2020

Lecture in Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana

Lecture was held in Steklenik on Tuesday, 21.1.2020 at 7.00 pm in the frame of live sound event Jata C performing Bibaret JC210120 by and broadcasted live on radioCona FM 88.8MHz and stream.


Steklenik, Gallery for Sound, Bioacoustics and Art