17 Apr 2007

V:NM Festival

V:NM - Association for the promotion and dissemination of new music was founded in 1996 to improve the dissemination of New Music. This move was caused by the absence of phonograms by contemporary Austrian artists, in particular those who cannot clearly be assigned to a specific category. V:NM is a non-profit organisation and all revenues from sales are exclusively used to the artists' benefit. The organisation sees itself as an unbureaucratic, self-regulating pool. The founding members include personalities like Burkhard Stangl, Werner Dafeldecker, Elisabeth Schimana, Katharina Klementh, Seppo Gründler, Oskar Aichinger and Josef Klammer. At present, more than 50 artists use the opportunities offered by V:NM. Performances co-organized by Aksioma: Opening ceremony of the 6th V:NM Festival

Manja Ristic (violin)
Ivana Grahovac (violoncello)

IEM / CUBE, Inffeldgasse 10/3, 8010 Graz
April 17 2007 at 5 pm
broadcasting on Oe1/ORF, program Long Night of New Music