21 May 2013


Exhibition of the project Armoniapolis by Svetlana Maras opened in o3ONE Gallery in Belgrade. Along Manja Ristic artists Igor Čubrilović, Igor Stangliczky, Vladimir Manovski and Ana Gnjatović presented their works.

Armoniapolis is a collection of short musical events made by composers from around the world who are using sounds of their environment as their main musical material.
They are modifying and combining these sounds by using words to create original compositions. Armoniapolis is a world soundscape, recomposed by the creative ear of its participants and a musical score that can have numerous individual interpretations. Each participant in the Armoniapolis can be either a composer, a performer or both. 

work title //
brate, šta je kretanje, šta su talasi, šta je ovo šta je ono...

procedure and context //
sit on the bus-tram station at Vukov Monument [in Ruzveltova street]. do not move for 4 minutes. it should be Spring time. look polite and answer people if they ask for public transport  services. light a cigarette after aprox minute and a half. because of head-spin caused by super polluted air and strange drink you had before coming there, let your mind struggle to day dream about previously visited location just under Avala, off the road to Zuce village, where there is a lot of fresh air and variety of crickets and dogs, as well as the loudest street lamppost. bring a friend to sing along with it. then gathered material edit during a hot summer night according to spontaneous inspiration, but use only simple effects and elements such are echoes, reverberation, fades and reverse.

locations //
1. beginning of the Ruzveltova street [a bus stop on the side of the park]
2. Karagačka street off the road to Zuce village under Avala