22 Feb 2013

ArtSync [web radio]

ArtSync – NOFM Second Programme is a hyper space pool [24/7 web radio] dedicated to progressive tendencies in sound art, improvisational and experimental music, field recording, conceptual and applied performing arts, but with educational input presenting history of Avantgarde, electro-acoustic and electronic music, and opening doors to artistic activism rooted in free journalism.

Curatorial is only a glimpse of contemporary sound related arts. It is partially reaching in to unpublished and private archives and is spread between two main directions – history of Avantguarde, electro-acoustic and performing arts and today improv and sound art scenes. With decent input of field recording, rare interviews, conceptual performances etc... added value of the curatorial lays in following developments of sound arts in the last 30 years, and giving a suggestions where from this tendencies occurred by mapping  20th century contemporary culture, composing and electronic researches. You can also follow at [artsync] LastFM profile.
Author and Editor: Manja Ristic.
Copyrights of the audio material presented in this installation belong to authors, this curatorial is developed for educational and non commercial purposes only.
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