25 Sep 2013

Bogdan Bogdanovic in Diokletian Palace

In 2012 Austrian Cultural Forum initiated the first posthumous exhibition of the great architect, writer, sculptor, philosopher and professor - Bogdan Bogdanović. Successfully presented in Zagreb Glyptotheque last year, this educational exhibition is now in Split, in the ancient Diocletian Palace area.

Bogdanović's work marked the 20th Century: The architect and sculptor of peculiar expression that sought his inspiration from ancient civilizations. His work can not be subsumed under the common interpretative keys of socialist modernism (although his work has shown that he understands the language and appreciates its benefits) - his works are performed with Calafat and stone-cutters, zealous workers and artisans;
writer who has left us a number of works in which he describes his sources of inspiration, with a special emphasis on the study of architecture and its relationship with the environment and people; tireless educator : when the New School was abolished at the Belgrade Faculty he organized an informal school for students in Mali Popović. Bogdan Bogdanović fostered specific respect to the environment at a time when environmental science has just begun to prove its point.Curators are Leboš Sonja and Ivan Ristić, a multimedia installation by Ivan Marušić Cliff, graphic design Dejan Kršić and the audio installation at the opening is work by Manja Ristić.