12 Jul 2009

Cyberkino Belgrade

Project is initiated by Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research from Zagreb, Croatia. Cyberkino is dealing with media archeology and it’s presentation through new media. Project communicates with the general public through direct impression – by projecting documentary archive material that becomes innovative illuminative category of semantic redefinition of the urban space. Idea of projecting own simulacra on architectural elements of the buildings builds up specific interaction between reality and imaginary directly enriching eclectic urban environment. Cybercinematography is an international project that took place in Zagreb and Prague (2007) and Dubrovnik and Buenos Aires (2008). In 2009 Belgrade is a host of Cyberkino media archeology – the city and people in it mustn't forget transformative power of time.

Belgrade implementation was supported by City Council for Culture - City of Belgrade, BELEF Center, and the most important Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) and Serbian National Library that let us use their audio and visual archives.

Video material: Radio Television of Serbia (RTS)
Audio material: Digital library of Serbian National Library
Concept: Sonja Leboš
Multimedia implementation: Manja Ristić, Stevan Lung
Film by: Stevan Lung
Soundtrack by: Manja Ristić
Booklet design: Zlatan Ristić
Promotion: BELEF Center 2009