13 Jan 2013

Eruption /// Best of Live at Turkish Bath

Second release of an album published in 2007 with selection of works produced from Live sessions at Belgrade's acoustically most intriguing space - an old Turkish Bath in Dušanova street. 50 min collection perfectly discloses advanced musical intuition and improvisation capacity of the performers, taking the listener into mystical world of sound using strong emotional transference. Initial recording sessions in 2007 were initiated by a student of sound design at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Applied Studies. Access to the old derelict Turkish Bath was approved by the City Council for Culture.
released 20 January 2013
Manja Ristić, violin, flute, voice, gong, percussion, editing;
Ivana Grahovac, cello, voice, whistle, Tibetan bells, percussion;
Mina Mitrušić, zither, voice, percussion;