4 Mar 2010

Theater of Memories /// The Road Remixed

Theater of Memories, the theater-installation staged twice in Belgrade is inspired by the work of Czech writer Lenka Reinerova, who is perceived as the representative of the human will to survive even under the most horrible circumstances, of the strength to testify about the darkest moments of the XX.Ct. and irresistible descriptions of European and world cities between the two world wars as well the mid-European culture of the time.

Production: Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis – 2009 / 2010
Center for Cultural Decontamination, Thursday 04.03.2010. / 18:00h
House for Culture “VUK”, Sunday 07.03.2010. / 21:15h

Sonja Leboš, cultural anthropologist and practitioner, the initiator of the project
Manja Ristić, violinist and conceptualization of multimedia implementation
Stevan Lung, videographer and conceptualization of multimedia implementation
Magdalena Klašnja, costume designer
Ivan Kadelburg, electronic music
Birgitte Lyregaard, poetic forms, singing, performing
Paul Murray, conceptualization and implementation of phisical performing
Mathieu Calleja, percussion, sound scapes
Ivana Grahovac, cello