10 Oct 2011

Zenit Sessions

Manja Ristić, violin, small percussion, objects
Milana Zarić, harps, zither, small percussion, objects
Ivana Grahovac, cello, small percussion, objects

Zenit Sessions are exploring improvised and conceptual music practices, by staying connected with ensemble principles of contemporary music. The music deals with matters of collective structuring in the moment of performance, in which intention and intuition, memory and emergent material fuse and correspond.
We are concerned with expressive power of resonance above all. Compositional tools such as spacing and layering of different textures, timbral and spectral transformations, blurring of boundaries between instruments as well as sharp contrasts between individual voices are coupled with the use of instruments’ extended techniques, and strong connection between strings and percussion.
By embracing uncertainty in our improvisations, the aim is to create an open space for unpredictable outcomes, and to offer the possibility to surprise and discover in the very moment of performance.