14 Jan 2014

Azimuthal Equidistant Memory Feeds [AEMF]

Moscow, Jerusalim, Vrnik Island, Thurins, Glasgow, Belgrade, Paris, Oslo, Berlin, Avala, Geneva, Vrnik Island, Dublin, London, Brussels, Belgrade, Vrnik Island, Milano, Belgrade, Paris, Copenhagen, Korčula Island, London, Nantes, Belgrade, Moscow;

about the work AEMF [Azimuthal Equidistant Memory Feeds], is transgressing the idea of mnemotopia and mnemopoetic identities translated through subjective,
space that recognizes its own characteristics and embodiment only through imaginative. The listener is invited to an intimate journey evoked by sonic narratives, with strong poetical and performing background. Opening with electrifying chords of Valentin Silvestrov's Silent Songs, AEMF is introducing deep and complex music experience built from overlapping electro-acoustic textures carefully composed from a vast artist's archive, involving own field recordings, sampling, poetry, live radio sessions and concert archive, as well as numerous collaborations with friend-performers scattered across Europe and further.

_ contributing artists Valentin Silvestrov, Ilya Scheps, HAK lo fi Record, Mark Vernon, Ivan Kadelburg, Luka Bilbija, The Silencers, Rastko Lazić, Toma Gouband, Kuruwasan, Fraceska Mizzoni, Mathieu Calleja, Birgitte Lyregaard, Ivana Grahovac, Paul Murrey, Boris Petrović, Lily Greenheim, Milana Zarić.