9 Dec 2016

27 ~ Digital release

27 is a collection of miniatures conceptualized as a 27 channel sound installation. Inspired by the cycle of "waters" it represents a time lapse of artificial memories composed from an archive of field recordings used as a catalysts in compositional process. 
Data in cognitive listening of the recordings are multilayered and are reflecting notions of the time, place and environmental dynamics that I further developed in to personalized narrative through various sonic interventions or simple software manipulation. 

27 miniatures are windows overlooking 27 places evoking 27 complex emotions defined by synthesis of ambient atmosphere and instrumental or site specific intervention. They represent structured memories formed in dynamic interrelations of seemingly scattered elements extracted from continuous branching of sonic information. The installation is conceptualized as interactive spatial code activating different elements of the overall structure by movement in space. Dimension of random activation alludes on generally speaking vague comprehension of psychological mechanism of subconscious "materia" in constant interactivity with our reasonable resolvability.

Released December 8th 2016