5 May 2018

Further East

Seemingly unusual collaboration between Bulgarian ambient artist and guitar wizard Mirian Kolev and Serbian sound artist and improve violinist Manja Ristić rounded up in a strong, emotionally dense and artistically refined album. Meltdown of electro-acoustic sound is built with superfine textures, hidden pulsations, space-wrapping guitar ambient and lyrical violin solos – all together creating 6 balanced tracks unwinding explicit but very intimate storytelling.

Two artists never met and never collaborated before, but the way their musical worlds overlapped producing such organic and sincere outcome speaks about their ability to connect through subtle layers of perception. Overall album is filled with the notion of nostalgia, sometimes leaning more toward darker tones, sometimes reaching out toward almost infantile blissfulness. Ristić is once more opening out her arsenal of field recordings as well as site-specific sound interventions, instrumental experimentations and subtle electro-acoustics, while Kolev is firmly holding the overall sound in potent and carefully designed guitar ambient.

Further East is the story about connecting, sound journey over the magical Balkans described in a quite different manner, emerged from its heartland and by its own “children”.
This is only the beginning of Manja’s and Mirian’s wonderful musical voyage.