30 May 2009

Non Stop Music Planet

24 hours audio/visual web streaming performance around the Globe
The trip took place from Saturday 30th of May until Sunday 31 of May at noon at the Point Ephemere in Paris, where several screens were displayed. In the middle of the installation, a cockpit welcomed the streamed video director and technicians conducting the performances unrolling for 24 hours from diverse places around the Globe.

A space trip by Olivier Forest & Eric Daviron Performance powered by MU for the FUTUR EN SEINE Biennale - in partnership with the FILMER LA MUSIQUE Festival & RE:MU & POINT EPHEMERE. Following the time zones, and screened live, a series of concerts and music performances around a planet moving from a punk rock club to a rehearsal room, from a giant arena to a desert or a mountain, from sunset to dawn.
The concerts were not only broadcasted from major cultural cities but also from lost places, no man’s land, secret locations. The performance linked those places, and were slipping slip from a well-known band to an unknown artist, from a cultural center to an isolated place, from a musical point of view to another, using internet as a broadcast network.

Non Stop Music Planet  Belgrade’s contribution, presenting two musical performances:
Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtić (electronics, acoustic guitar/efx)
ERUPTION EXTENDED / Ivana Grahovac, Manja Ristić, Vuk Jovanović (cello, violin, lute).