2 Jun 2009


Sonopoly by Maja Djordjevic at Mal au Pixel, Paris
Eruption participates in another outstanding event as a part of The Festival of Numerical Arts « Mal au Pixel », in Paris. Sonopoly is a theatre play based on three short stories by English author James Graham Ballard: Footage number 12 (1958), Prima Belladonna (1956) and Sound cleaner (1960). Copula that connects three stories reclines on dramaturgical approach to human voice and a sound in general. Stories are preserved and showed separately, but their lineup is conditioned by the logics of time and narrative. Base lines are text and audio/visual surrounding. Performance considers acting, sound and video edited in real time and both live and web streaming music making.

Idea of staging Sonopoly came from desire to implement metaphorical and dystopian (or anti utopian) world of Ballard in to a multimedia form, focusing on three short stories: Prima Belladonna, Footage number 12 and Sound cleaner. Each of those presents one technological patent, like orchids with the opera singer’s voice, micro-acoustical recordings or « sonovaks » - vacuum cleaner of harmful sounds. These unusual innovations are revealing dark and secret fantasias of characters from unstable worlds of future that bring in psychologically grotesque and physically fatal elements. Observer is placed in the world full of cables, tubes, microphones and unusual instruments. Sonopoly implements the idea that architecture and urban environment are extensions of subconscious impulses. Frequent theme of Ballard’s works is human need to build surrounding according to its own inner structures. Cities and space organization of any kind are therefore mirrors of subconscious matrix. Adaptation, video installations/visuals, VJ/ing: Maja Đorđević; scenography, costume, visuals: Ana Zarubica; sound engineer: Herve Herrero; performing/comedy: Cloe Beguet; music / web streaming: Manja Ristić (violin), Ivana Grahovac (cello), Vuk Jovanović (lute), Rastko Lazić (recorded electronics); voice effects, singing: Melodie Orru aka Mo; interpretation: Juliette Allauzen; performing/acting: Mike Ladd, Juliette Allauzen, Oliver Roelofs.

Live music performance at noviradiobeograd.com, Tuesday, June 2nd / 20:30h
Multimedia installation and performance: Mains d’Oeuvres, 1 Rue Charles Garnier, 93400 St Ouen, Paris

Mal au Pixel festival brings together young digital artists and unconventional electronics: unexpected technologies, prototypes and open ended events. For the 4th edition of the festival, we will once more be looking  at connecting technology, urban electronics and environmental issues, this time to investigate our ecological beliefs. Eruption participation was live web streaming feed from New Radio Belgrade studio.