20 Aug 2010

KORCULA FRAGMENTS /// Walls, speak out!

Walls, speak out! audio installation
August 20 and 22, 2010. // 8 – 11 pm
Location: City of Korčula, Duke's passage and Depolo St
Author: Manja Ristić
Sound: Manja Ristić (elektronics, violine, voice), Marko Jevtić (acoustic guitar with effects), Igor Stangliczky (electronics), Srdjan Marković (piano), Ivana Grahovac (chello, voice), Jasmina Mina Mitrušić (voice), Rastko Lazić (electronics), Boris Petrović (electronics)

Installation contains artistic performance of the texts of the local [Korčula, Croatia] poets Momčilo Popadić, Srdjan Duhović, Darinka Krstulović, Duška Crmarić-Salečić, Ive Mirošević, Manja Ristić, integrated with contemporary electro-acoustic expression. This installation aims at gaining personal spaces of attracted audience, above all by inciting associative impressions connected to inhabiting Korčula.
Through this action we enable each listener to individually systematize his or her own historical relations between subjective past and present moment of the place where s/he stands and therefore to become author of the individualized historicity of the spot, resisting in that way to overwhelming commercialization of semantic codes which dominate our cities. By inscribing personal codes into the body of collective memory, spontaneously we create space for playful dreams of Korcula’s permanent and temporary citizens.
Support: Croatian Ministry for Culture
We thank to: City of Korčula, Mihovil Pansini, family Filippi and Lozica, Sanda Hančević, Ivan Ramljak