20 Aug 2010

Culture as the bridge between Utopia and Reality

Sound installation originally performed as a part of Cybercinematography project – KORČULA'S FRAGMENTS produced by Association for Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Research from Zagreb.The installation represents implementation of theoretical thought into artistic expression and it is based on one text-lecture which was delivered in the frame of globally famous Korcula Summer School, which, in its progressive mode, was the unique occurrence in philosophical practice of the XX.Ct. Text Culture as the bridge between Utopia and Reality by Zagorka Pesic-Golubovic, Belgrade, is part of the intellectual wealth that should not be forgotten under any circumstances.
With this reminiscence we would like to open an encyclopedia of social sciences that has the sway to create a better world. This theoretical Ali-Baba’s cave, full of gems of cultural, social and political evolution certainly represents the recent past of Korcula, and we cannot miss it in this process of re-activating retro-dynamics of the City of Korcula.