12 Nov 2015

SILENCE FEST /// promo event

MONDAY /// NOVEMBER 23rd 18:00_00:00 at Gallery 12HUB in Belgrade SILENCEFEST is coming to life with particular multimedia line up of instrumental and electronic microtonal sets, sound experiments, av and field recording installations /// This promo event will gather artists to set their audio-visual narratives on the threshold of silence /// Participants /// IVANA GRAHOVAC /// NEVENA VASILJEVIC /// MARKO PAUNOVIC /// MANJA RISTIC /// DUŠAN DAMNJANOVIC /// RASTKO LAZIC /// MAJA ÐORÐEVIC ///

Experimental and new media art scene gathered around SILENCE FEST in Belgrade are authors of mid generation with some distinguished works behind them ///
These individuals create in the space of intimate, contemplative and mnemopoetic discourses far off the "trends" and current notions, but with definite dedication to minimal frequency as multidimensional data as well as permanent interweaving of digital and organic ///

Free entrance /// Doors open at 18:00 /// 
Performances start at 21:00 ///