5 May 2016

Digital release // Gleam archives

Gleam archives is unique reflection on sound perception of spatial cognitive codes in collective memory. In search of a multidimensional sound picture duo creates organic synthesis of electronic ambient, atypical treatment of the instrument, field recordings and music concrete. 
Sensibility of created spaces invites for fully engaged listening and deliberation of the ambient sound perception ontology. 

Duo Ristić / Paunović collaborates since 2014. Main focus in their work is synthesis of instrumental improvisation and sonic ambient. In their performances they often surprise with a bio political element, reflecting on conceptual heritage of the 20th century sound related praxis.

Manja Ristić, violin, piano, composition, field recordings, editing 
Marko Paunović, ambient sampling, editing 
Cover by Pieces froides, Variations on a Theme of Wachsmann 
Special thanks to Ivan Kadelburg
Released May 5th 2016