13 Nov 2016

incubus mnemonics // digital release

Incubus Mnemonics is an ambient experiment composed solely from field recordings gathered across the period of a year spent on relation Belgrade (Serbia) - Korčula Island (South Adriatic, Croatia). Sonic contrast of the two 'so close but so far away’ places I considered my domiciles had concrete impact on development of my cognitive memory. 

The idea of cognitive memory being a catalyst in individual development of psychological perception of sound brought me to a discourse where listening of environmental sound triggers complex compositional process, builds active energy transfers and sense of connection with the source of sound or sonic ambients. 

Compositions are conceptualized through equal frequency manipulation carefully builded with artificial reverberation calculations that represent my psychological frame for this occasion. The tone of dark ambience refers to subconscious dynamics operating ‘under the surface’ and in own paste of time. Vast stratum of abstract memory has been approached with the sound and in particular recycled environmental sound as a 'sense' of orientation within the experience of collective interrelatedness. 

Released 11-11-2016.