13 Nov 2016

Mnemosyne. Stories of Stone & Sound

<< Mnemosyne. Stories of Stone and Sound >> links one of globally most impressive memorials of WWII — Partisans' Necropolis in Mostar, Bosna and Herzegowina — with the island of Korčula. Stonemasons from Korčula built Partisans' Necropolis under the guidance of its architect Bogdan Bogdanović, whose monuments, scattered in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, commemorate the most precious lecture for the humankind today: all men are brothers, all cultures are equally valid and no man's memory is more important than another man's life. 

Manja Ristić (violin, stones, bell, found objects), Ronald Panza (stones, voice, found objects)& Marko Paunović (tapes, electronics, stone marimba) held memorial concert in Korčula Old town, September 18th 2016 // Mnemosyne is a longterm project by Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research (conceptualized and curated by Croatian cultural anthropologist Sonja Leboš), delving into cultures of memory as well as into politics of remembrance and representation.