16 Nov 2017

Salt pit & other memories

s o u n d  a r t 

the track Salt pit & other memories is made of several field recordings taken from different approaches, for example, the sound of sea breaking the waves is recorded from the inside of 1 meter deep salt pit, later the acoustics of the pit are amplified. further, the sound of walking over rocks is recorded with JrF hydrophone, producing not so typical sound when recording in the air, and the piano improvisation is recorded from inside an old piano, enriching the sound with harmonics and crackling of an old mechanism.

locations where recorded are Glogovac, Lenga, Rt Ražnjić, filed in Pupnat, an old open air quarries and the lighthouse, and in-the-hill village, all on the island of Korčula.

boy with lantern is Luka Bilbija, photos are taken at night on Rt Ražnjić, September 2017