7 Dec 2017

Ristić Džukljev Duo ~ Digital Release

Ristić Džukljev duo is presenting its third (self-released) digital album recorded with the audience at The Institute for Culture of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, April 2017.

From prepared piano to detuned violin, cardboard and balloon noises, improvisational approaches of the duo are sculpturing complex acoustic narratives reflecting darksome but emotionally charged atmosphere. In this musically rich "space" every little microtonal cluster, fragment of a melody or harsh noise has its own specific character. Carefully placed in abstract timeframe, phrases, or better to say sound scenes, are unraveling almost macabre reality evoking imaginative listening.
Simple virtuosities of both performers are building electrifying atmosphere, introducing risk and unpredictable outcomes, calling for mental participation or at least transcendent listening. Sentiments toward noise by both Marina and Manja are introducing innovative range of refined microtonal poetics of piano and especially violin.

Sounds of the space, audience and outside world are final touch to this, in many ways, special live recording and improvisational concert session.

Recorded April 2017
Released December 6, 2017

Marina Džukljev, prepared piano (& concert production)
Manja Ristić, acoustic & amplified violin, cardboard box, balloon, objects (& sound editing)
Lazar Živanac, recording (& live sound engineering)
Lazar Marković, cover art

Special thanks to Dragan Ilić and The Institute for Culture of Vojvodina / Zavod za kulturu Vojvodine, Novi Sad